Terms & Conditions

Right of Access

This document defines the terms upon which Aurizon Limited (Aurizon) is making available the access to its computing facilities. Any reference to 'Aurizon's computing facilities' in this document includes access to Aurizon’s software applications, hardware resources, information, services (including but not limited to IT Service Desk Support) and associated IT resources.

The Aurizon computing facilities being made available to you are to be used solely by you for the purpose of accessing these Aurizon computing facilities.

Unauthorised access or any attempted access to other Aurizon computing facilities without express permission will result in the following actions being taken:


Access will be rescinded and your account will be disabled.


Aurizon’s Corporate Information  Security Team will be notified of security breach.


Your employer will be notified of security breach.


Aurizon may, at its discretion, take action to recover any damages, or pursue any other remedy available to Aurizon, resulting from a security breach.

This agreement will remain in force for the period for which you agreed to in writing on the External User Registration Form. After this time, this agreement will be re-negotiated.

Either party, giving 30 days notice in writing, may terminate this agreement at any time.

Caveats and Responsibilities

Access to Aurizon’s computing facilities, whilst convenient, comes with some risk to Aurizon and the integrity of its computing facilities, software and data. To prevent unauthorised access to those resources, you will be issued with a user name and password, and instructed in its use.

Aurizon’s computing facilities are implemented utilising the public communications network services to provide the interconnection. The security, reliability, and availability of Aurizon’s computing facilities are dependent in a large extent on the public network infrastructure.

Aurizon’s computing facilities accessed via the public communications network are not designed for commercially and legally important data and is offered on a best effort basis. You will take all responsibility for, and make appropriate arrangements to cover, any commercial and legal risks that the provision, use and misuse of the service may cause.


You shall use the Aurizon computing facilities made available to you solely for the purpose of accessing Aurizon’s application(s) specified above and will comply with all relevant Aurizon’s network policies, practices and standards, as well as any public legal requirements, regulations and standards.


You shall also limit the connection duration to Aurizon’s computing facilities to such time as is necessary in order to be able to perform tasks agreed to in the business relationship between Aurizon and your employer.


You shall not disclose your credentials to any other person. If any of your work colleagues require access to Aurizon’s computing facilities, that person must first obtain Aurizon’s approval, in which case that person will be issued with a separate username and password. You will be fully responsible for any loss or damage to Aurizon as a result of disclosure or use of your password by any other person.


You shall notify Aurizon if your position or responsibilities within your employment, or the business relationship with Aurizon alters and access to Aurizon computer facilities is no longer required.


The login credentials shall not be used by anyone other than the authorised user. Aurizon’s Service Desk will perform password resets. In addition, you shall not write or record your password in or on any medium (whether hard-copy or electronic).


Whilst logged-on to any of Aurizon’s computing facilities, you shall not leave your computer unattended. If you need to leave your computer unattended, you shall first log-off Aurizon’s computing facilities.


You shall not make any copies, print, memorise, or in any manner reproduce, copy, or reverse engineer any of the content of Aurizon’s computing facilities (or any part), including any of Aurizon’s software or data except (i) with the express authority of Aurizon, or (ii) as may be strictly necessary to enable the proper conduct of the business relationship between Aurizon and your employer.


When attached to Aurizon’s computing facilities all actions will be logged by the system to provide an audit trail. This audit trail will be reviewed on a regular basis to maintain the security of the Aurizon network. Any breaches of security, or use, will be recorded in this audit log.


It is a mandatory requirement that any machine used to access Aurizon’s computing facilities has a recognised Virus Protection package installed and running on the machine. Regular updates must be maintained on this package to keep it up to date with the latest virus threats.


You shall not disclose to any person any information as defined in the National Privacy Principals pursuant to the Privacy Act 1988 (CTH) obtained by virtue of your access to Aurizon’s computing facilities, except (i) with the express written authority of Aurizon, or (ii) as may be strictly necessary to enable the proper conduct of the business relationship between Aurizon and your employer.


For International Users: You agree to comply with all local laws protecting the privacy of personal information and will not disclose any personal information obtained by virtue of your access to Aurizon’s computing facilities except as set out in the above exceptions.


Aurizon does not warrant, guarantee or make any representations regarding the currency, accuracy, correctness, reliability, useability, or any other aspect of material presented by Aurizon’s computing facilities. You accept sole responsibility and all risk for using material presented on or accessed from Aurizon’s computing facilities.


You will indemnify and release Aurizon from and against all actions, proceedings, claims, demands and any liability (including, but not limited to, consequential loss or damages, legal costs and expenses, or loss of earnings or profits) arising directly or indirectly from your access to Aurizon’s computing facilities.


If Aurizon provides custody or control of any physical property (e.g. card keys, computer listings, security tokens, manuals, etc.) in connection with your use of or access to Aurizon’s computing facilities, you shall return all such property to your employer prior to the last day of your employment with your employer, or prior to changing job function to an area that does not require further use of that property.


Aurizon’s computing facilities are for the exclusive use of the parties named above. Should you either accidentally or inadvertently obtain access to other Aurizon IT network resources, log off the system and notify Aurizon immediately.


The content of Aurizon computing facilities is confidential and contains valuable intellectual property owned by Aurizon. You shall maintain the confidential nature of the content and take all reasonable care to protect any Aurizon intellectual property contained in the content.


You shall not provide or disclose the content (or any part) to any person external to Aurizon except with the prior written authorisation of the Aurizon Sponsor.


You shall use the content (or any part) only for the purpose of performing your duties.


You recognise Aurizon’s right to modify these Conditions of Use at any time. Any modification is effective immediately unless otherwise stated. Your continued use of the Aurizon’s computing facilities signifies your acceptance of the Conditions.

Any failure to comply with any of the above requirements will be regarded by Aurizon as a serious breach of obligation on your part, and may result in the immediate withdrawal of your access to Aurizon’s computing facilities, and Aurizon taking other appropriate action as a result of the breach.

Peow Goh
VP & Chief information Officer